United States Coast Guard Academy

Lower Fields Athletic Facility Improvements


JJA Sports, LLC provided athletic master planning, sports facility design and construction phase services for the Lower Fields Athletic Facility at the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. The effort by JJA Sports consisted of three separate projects: the Track and Infill Synthetic Turf Soccer Facility Athletic Master Plan, the Facility Design for the Track and Infill Synthetic Turf Soccer Field, and the Baseball and Softball Facility Design and Construction Assistance.

The Lower Fields site was constrained by the Thames River floodplain, an old river fill upon which the original venue was constructed, a steep-sloping river valley campus and differential settlement typical of old river fills. The Academy phased to account for the multiple funding sources available to the owner. The Track and Turf portion of the work was completed in 2006. The baseball and softball fields, both natural turf-grass, were completed in 2007.


New eight-lane synthetic competition running track

Pole vault dual pit configuration

External three-pit long/triple jump venue

Internal steeplechase

Throwing event areas

Complete baseball and softball renovations

Project Value:

$3,600,000 Sport Component Construction